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—Monday, 10 May | Afternoon

Plenaries, keynote speaker & entertainment

The past year has been challenging for us all – with no segment of the property sector escaping the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The rapid spread of coronavirus around the world has seen massive changes in behaviour, with significant impacts on the way people interact with property. From the initial complete shutdown of the housing market to eviction moratoriums, from mass remote working to sweeping retail closures, all corners of real estate have felt pain. But still, technology adoption and innovation continues – and proptech has perhaps never been better placed to support and drive positive change in the industry. On our opening day, MRI Software’s global and regional Executive Leadership Team will explore some of these trends and themes. They’ll offer an update on how MRI has supported all clients through these unprecedented times, and discuss the role of technology in recovery and future growth.


—Tuesday, 11 May | Morning

Track: Commercial

Your organisation’s journey to complete digitalisation might be unique, but the need to get there is a common thread across today’s property industry. With the smart adoption of technology today, you can get ahead (and stay ahead) of the curve – stacking the odds in your favour for the future. This series of sessions will show you how it can be done, examine successful cases of digital transformation in real estate and showcase the MRI solutions helping make it happen.


—Tuesday, 11 May | Afternoon

Track: Investment & Planning

There’s never been so much noise in the real estate industry. Whether it’s day-to-day portfolio events, external sector pressures or the impacts of macro geopolitical developments – asset and investment managers are faced with too many variables to rely on instinct alone. In this set of sessions, you’ll have chance to explore how investment planning, modelling, valuations, accounting and reporting solutions can be utilised to take the mass of information out there, and turn it into meaningful insight – helping to create and execute winning strategies.


—Wednesday, 12 May | Morning

Track: Residential

The world has changed, and your customers have changed with it. Whether it’s leaseholders in blocks, renters in private homes or residents in Build-to-Rent developments, they demand a certain level of service and engagement – and it has to be on their terms. This content stream explores how to overcome the challenges and create successful customer strategies. Sessions are focused on how to leverage existing and new technologies to ensure transparency, elevate experience and delight the people who live in your properties.


—Wednesday, 12 May | Afternoon

Track: Agency

Your agency software should give you the freedom to work how you want, when you want, each and every time. That’s why we’ve built Agency Home – a central online hub that helps you access your software from one location, like apps on a smartphone. Come and join us to learn how we’re helping agents connect, and share your feedback to shape the development of your MRI Software solutions. You’ll also hear from influencers, thought-leaders and subject experts in the agency space on the latest and most important trends affecting the sales and lettings market.


—Thursday, 13 May | All day

Track: Social Housing

The social housing sector is facing unprecedented pressures and challenges. Whether it’s the effects of COVID-19, the growing homelessness crisis, stretched resources or regulatory changes – your list of challenges gets longer by the day, affecting your ability to help the people you serve. The publication of the social housing white paper has highlighted the importance of the tenant experience, but only with robust processes and modern solutions in place can you truly make a difference. Across these sessions, we’ll analyse these important topics and trends in the sector, while exploring a comprehensive range of technology that supports housing associations and local authorities at every stage of the customer journey.


—Thursday, 13 May | Afternoon

Track: Workplace

Modern workplaces were changing before COVID-19 hit, but that shift has now been turbo-charged. The pandemic has accelerated many new and developing trends, namely the need for social distancing and the mass shift to flexible working practices. These are coming together to change the way occupiers, property managers and landlords think about their spaces. You now have increased focus on space utilisation and cost control, room booking, visitor management and, of course, the ongoing challenge of ensuring coronavirus protocols are in place – not to mention processing and analysing the data behind these activities. In this workplace-focused session stream, we shine a light on the challenges and show how cross-departmental technology can be utilised to understand and more effectively manage how buildings are used.

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